South Park Hotel started its business as the first foreign business entity granted by foreign investment law in 1980,
that is, six years before Federated States of Micronesia became an independent nation. Since then, Pohnpei has 
kept its nature intact, so the crystal clear ocean and surrounding mangrove trees still remain on the island.

We value Pohnpei's 
nature. Our concept for running business is to provide our guests' room with least artificial stuff 
in order for guests to feel comfortable with Pohnpei's nature. We also utilize surrounding nature, especially the rich 
ocean, for the island's prosperity. For local community, we provide local people with opportunities to nurture and 
develop their oceanic skills. For international community, we support seamen by providing them necessities before
departure to next destination. 

We are confident that you will enjoy staying at South Park Hotel, especially with the view of Sokehs Rock and local 
dance show. So, please visit us whenever you have an opportunity to come to Pohnpei.

Kalahgan en Komwi, 

Dr. Umezu Kiyoshi

Owner, South Park Hotel Micronesia

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