Sailing School Project: Sailing for Local Community

Vision for Children's Sailing School
The fact underlying the idea of starting a sailing school for local children is 
when the owner saw children playing around in water at the boat park 
down at Kapingamarangi village: They were just jumping in the water from
nearby tree or used any inflatable objects like polystyrene foam. Some of 
them operated hand-made canoe well.Then Dr. Umezu, who is the owner 
of South Park Hotel, had vision of children sailing yachts. His vision just started 
becoming in reality.

Sailing as Useful Transportation
Sailing allows people to go virtually anywhere. The trade wind blows on 
Micronesia, which is the only energy needed for sailing. By using the trade 
wind, they will be able to go distant outer islands where engine boats can't.
There is a ship that goes to outer islands carrying necessities. However, 
the ship sometimes delays due to mechanic failure. What if natural disaster 
hits the outer island and life goods needs to be conveyed when the ship is at 
the dock for repair? Sailing can be one of the options.   

Mr.Rawson from South Park Hotel, Prof. Rice from COM, and Dr. Umezu went cruising for test run.  

For Tourism Industry
Children may be able to apply sailing skills to their jobs.  Tourism is one of the 
major industries in FSM. In near future, there maybe an increase number of 
tourists as bigger planes start arriving at the new airport. From tourism 
perspective, Pohnpei has rich ocean for surfers, divers, and sport fishing lovers
however, none has yet started a yacht cruising business officially. So if sailing 
business starts, the tourism sector will be able to attract more tourists and 
more local people will be hired as a yacht operator. Children may be able to 
utilize the sailing skills into tourism industry in near future.    


Can they become a water specialist and contribute to tourism industry in Pohnpei? 

The Hub Hotel For Worldwide Visitors
Being a yacht operator who spent much time on the sea, Dr. Umezu knows 
how hard for yachtsman to sail world; they sometimes find electric devices not 
functioning, water leak, water and fuel shortage and so on. As far as the map is 
correct, Pohnpei is center of Pacific Ocean, and so as the hotel. This means that
South Park Hotel can function as a hub port that supports all those who are living 
on deck. Ponnpei has water, food, fuel, and internet access―almost all necessities 
for them. If they need parts from their country, there's U.S. postal service and even 
fedex available in Pohnpei. The owner, Dr. Umezu welcomes seamen and hopes to 
support them, always.


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