The concept for Ponape Kids' Sailing School (PKSS) comes from South Park Hotel owner, Dr. Umezu Kiyoshi.  
Noticing Kapingamarangi children playing in water with simple toys, Dr Umezu  wished Pohnpei kids to learn
sailing skills. Dr. Umezu also worries that Pohnpei children spend most of their free time on land and eventually
forget that they are oceanic people. In order for Pohnpei kids' to re-identify that they are oceanic people by
learning how to live with ocean, Pohnpei Kids Sailing School just started with small number of members.

More concept is available from here.   

The first step for launching the school was to tell the school concept.  Upon deciding to hold a sailing school,
Dr. Umezu decided to contact his long-time yacht friends including Mr. Ishiai, who is a notable yacht lecturer 
at Waseda University, Japan. Mr. Ishiai collected 8 dinghy yachts from his sailing club in Japan. To observe
children's safety, Dr. Umezu purchased a 17'ft boat and shipped it with the dinghies by two containers. 

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